Oggi Club is an authorized distributor of Oggi and Beno. We offer high quality coffee machine and equipments with reliable after-sale service.


BENO coffee machine model PF3, come with full features of professional espresso coffee machine, with flexibility and easy adjustment.

- Set grinding time (from 1-60 sec)

- Set grinding coarse (30 levels)

- Set brewing volume (single cup and double cup from 10-200 ml)

- Set per-infusion time (from  0-10 s)

- Set pre-infusion volume (from 10-80 ml)

- set the extraction temperature (single cup and double cup from 88-96 c)

1 year warranty

Price: 22,900 Baht (free delivery in Thailand)

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BENO BN3 and BN3 Milk

BENO Espresso Coffee Machines - model "BN3" and model "BN3 MILK" come with 3 types of coffee adapters that can brew a variety of coffee as follows.

- ground coffee and tea

- Nespresso coffee capsules

- Dolce Gusto coffee capsules

*** Model BN3 MILK has an automatic milk frothing system. Can press one button to make cappuccino and latte. With removable milk tank***

1 year product warranty

Price: BN3 - 3,790 Baht (Free Delivery in Thailand)

Price: BN3 Milk - 3,990 Baht (Free Delivery in Thailand)

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Oggi GB2

GB2 is automatic espresso coffee machine under concept of "All-In-One Coffee Station". Allow you to Enjoy a wide selection of coffee beans and capsules. 

The machine can grind your freshly roasted coffee bean to get the most of it's flavorful and natural aroma into your cup. Freshly ground coffee will make your home smell like a cafe.

Comes with a complete set of ADAPTERSfor brewing coffee in a variety of styles as follows:

-Ground coffee

-Coffee POD

-Nespresso Capsule

-Dolce Gusto Capsule

1 year warranty

Price 7,990 baht free delivery in Thailand

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Oggi MC2 Plus

Oggi MC2 Plus is a Multi-Capsule Espresso Coffee Machine, can brew ground coffee, Dolce Gusto Capsule, Nespresso, POD

With a pressure of 19 bar pumps, equivalent to a professional coffee maker, it can deliver good crema and strong coffee.

Compact size, beautiful design, fast and super easy to use

Come with 3 free adapters and a brewing basket for coffee POD. 

1 year warantee.

Price: 2,930 baht free delivery in Thailand

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Oggi Ox6 

- low rpm at 450 rpm, result in less heat and static, this make your coffee stay cool and full of flavor.

- "puss on/off switch" at the portafilter holder, for fast control

- anti static feature

- can set the grinding time to fit the size of your brewing basket.

- conical burr diameter 40 mm, made from stainless food grade

- 51 levels from the "Commercial Espresso Machine" to "French press"

- suitable for single serve and specialty coffee

* Comes with 53 and 58 mm “Portafilter holders”, which can hold 51, 53, 58 mm portafiler

* Blowing rubber to push out the residue ground coffee from the machine

6 months warrantee

Price: 3,190 baht free delivery in Thailand

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Oggi CG3

Oggi CG3 is an Automatic Electic Coffee Grinder Machine. It come with conical Burr Grinding system, its grinding disc made from high quality stainless steel number 402.

It work fast, no heat accumulated, and deliver consistency ground coffee at adjustable 15 levels, suitable for Expresso, Turkish, Syphon, Moka Pot and Filter Coffee

Removable and cleanable Stainless Steel grinding dish, easy to clean.  

6 months warantee

Price: 2,590 baht free delivery in Thailand

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Oggi CM5

Conical Burr Type - Burr made from Stainless Steel Food Grade 40 mm

- 38 levels finest selection (fine enough for brewing manual espresso + moka pot +  espresso machine + french press + aeropress + filter coffee)

- Low RPM result in less heat and static, this make your coffee stay cool and full of flavour.

- 95% come in uniform size

- Anti-Static

6 months warrantee

Price: 1,770 baht free delivery in Thailand

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Oggi SQ2

Automatic Coffee Grinder OGGI Square SQ2

- Flat Burr Grinder

- Compact size for home use

- Fast, reliable, and consistency grind size at adjustable 17 levels. 

- Can grind coffee for making Espresso, Turkish, Moka Pot, AeroPress, Filter Coffee, Drip Coffee

6 months warantee

Price: 1,350 baht free delivery in Thailand

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Oggi Roasted Coffee

Made from high quality 100% Arabica bean from Doi Luang Mountain, 1500 m above sea level. The bean has gone through high standard production line. Roasted by obssessive coffee lover, who pay attention to every little details to bring the most aromatic and gift of nature to your morning.

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