Oggi GB2 Automatic Coffee Machine

GB2 is automatic espresso coffee machine under concept of "All-In-One Coffee Station". Allow you to Enjoy a wide selection of coffee beans and capsules. 

The machine can grind your freshly roasted coffee bean to get the most of it's flavorful and natural aroma into your cup. Freshly ground coffee will make your home smell like a cafe.

Pre infusion mode, 19 bar pressure pump and Thermoblock boiler allow you to extract intense coffee and achieve beautiful crema.

Comes with a complete set of ADAPTERSfor brewing coffee in a variety of styles as follows:

-Ground coffee

-Coffee POD

-Nespresso Capsule

-Dolce Gusto Capsule


- 7 levels volume selection

- Built in conical burr grinder, bean container with air seal lid, 15 precise grind size setting

- Thermoblock boiler give consistent water temperature

- 19 bar pressure pump for intense extraction

- Pre-infusion mode

- Does not require much maintenance, since the brewing area is outside, there is no problem with the capsule getting stuck inside the machine. And there is no need to remove the internal grindering devide to apply grease.

- Big water tank 2 liters for interep countinuous brewing

- Energy saving: auto shut off in 15 min.

- Removable drip tray and water tank for easy cleaning

- Beautiful, elegant design, suitable for use at home and office

1 year warranty

Price 7,990 baht free delivery in Thailand